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Learn more about your favorite Horizon Pet Food line on our new website www.HorizonPetFood.com. You can research ingredients, learn how our formulas benefit your pet companion and find local retailers who sell our foods. What do you think? We would love to hear from you! Learn more about your favorite Horizon Pet Food line on our new website www.HorizonPetFood.com. You can research ingredients, learn how our formulas benefit your pet companion and find local retailers who sell our foods. What do you think? We would love to hear from you!

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Introducing Legacy Fish Formula Premium Grain Free Food

Historically Based…Evolved for Today


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Horizon Pulsar received 4.5 out of 5 stars from www.DogFoodAdvisor.com!

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Horizon Pet Nutrition introduces PULSAR, a Breakthrough Dietary Formulation offered at an Unparalleled Price in the Marketplace. Becomes the first pet food manufacturer to introduce pulses in an all life stage grain free diet.


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Amicus – a small revolution

RATED 5 STARS BY www.DogFoodAdvisor.com

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Amicus Small and Mini Breed Senior and Weight management dog food

12 yr old Bichon Frise-was on IAMS-tried AMICUS 1.5 to 2 cups/day-likes it- appears to be always hungry & is gaining weight-also craps more

Horizon Pet Nutrition Representative:

Thank you for your request for information, please read below as to a likely reason for your results:

We have a higher fibre level than Iams, which would explain the higher stool volume and possibly intake is up somewhat because the dog is gaining weight. Also, the Iams uses corn for a starch which is relatively a very high glycemic index ingredient so the dog is trying to get the same sugar rush off the food, although it won’t because of a lower GI starches in Amicus. This is a learned behaviour so it will take a little while for the dog’s metabolism and behaviour to adjust to Amicus.

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We battled diarrhea for months with our 2 siberian husky pups, trying different foods, snacks, supplements, vet advice & treatments.  I was determined to give them the best dog food possible, so kept trying 2 top brands with no success. After researching even more, came across Horizon Legacy. The diarrhea was cured as soon as I started feeding it, they love it, their energy level & coat is perfect as well. We love everything about your food & production of it & especially that it’s Canadian.  Wish I had found it previously to save a lot of anguish.  My sister has a bearded collie that was having major coat issues, switched from another top food to Horizon Legacy & has had a big improvement, as well she loves it (she is picky eater).  Thank you for an excellent product.  I recommend it highly every chance I get!


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My dog loves the Legacy dog food. Thank you for making pet food that is healthy and free of pesticides and hormones and other ingredients that can be harmful to our animals. They all deserve the best!

Ps. Do you ever send out any coupons for your product. If so please pass them on.

Thank you,


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My best friend, Debbie lives in Prince Albert. She is a private dog groomer, and somehow found out about Horizon Pet Foods. About this time (3 or 4 years ago), just out of the blue, one summer, my Siamese cat, started throwing up. Not once or twice or three times a day, but up to 10 times a day. I took her to the vet, who poured over books for about 1/2 an hour, but came up with no solutions, other than grass or hairballs. Well, she had been perfectly healthy for years. I knew it had to be more than this. So, we tried pet food after pet food after pet food, with no solutions. Poor kitty, you could see her pacing in front of her food bowl. She didn’t even want to try eating anymore! And, I was starting to feel her spine! I thought for sure we were going to lose her! Then, my friend, Debbie, gave me some samples of Horizon, and, VOILA!! Within 2 days, no more barffing! She (my cat, not my friend!) has been on Horizon Legacy for several years now, loves the food, and hasn’t barffed once in several months! Thank you, thank you, thank you to your company!! (Because of all of her recommendations to her friends and clients, she was so pleasantly surprised when one of your reps.  arrived at her door with some large bags of food!)

The only complaint I have is that the Legacy (Cat & Kitten Grain Free) doesn’t come in any bigger bags than 3 kgs. We do have a little pet store just around the corner from us, but have been loyal customers to Critters on Ruth Street ever since Bailey (our cat) was a little kitten, so we like to go there and visit with Henry (he’s just great!!). So, it is a long ways from our house, and, especially in winter, is a long way to travel for a bag of cat food. And, buying TWO small bags, you would think, would be more ($) than buying one large bag. Anyway, that’s such a little thing compared to what we were going through!

With much gratitude,


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The disclaimer on the Legacy Puppy bag “we do not recommend feeding Legacy to puppies whose adult weight will exceed 75 lbs” was put there because with the higher protein levels in Legacy, you also get higher levels of Calcium. With large breed dogs, you want to try and limit the calcium intake so that they develop their ‘frame’ (or their skeleton) at the same rate as their muscle development. If they get too much calcium and their frame develops too quickly, the dogs will essentially have growing pains and in the giant breeds, it can lead to higher instances of hip dysplasia.